At MAJORTOWN we think that going on holiday should be a fun part. The organization of the activities is often restrictive and in tourist agency the places proposed are mostly the same. In addition, once on the spot the famous activities and emblematic places are overcrowded. We also know that the best guides are local people. This is why MAJORTOWN thinks differently by proposing new activities supervised by private or professionals from the region. Our vision is to make tourists in Barcelona dream and in the future those of the whole world!


To all visitors to Barcelona! You want to plan activities in your future future or you are already there and wish to organize an activity for the evening or the next day is for you. Become a travellers!


To all companies, start up, professional who wish to promote their activities in Barcelona. To all the private ones who want to promote the city of Barcelona and activities that it is possible to do and at the same time get a few euros! Become Majortowners!

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