MAJORTOWN is a company whose interface is a website. The principle is simple, on one side of the tourists who wishes to make a visit without much prior organization, walk in places little known to other tourists, go to the most romantic restaurant or even party in the evening favorite of the Spanish and on the other hand, Spanish people who need to work, who love their regions and the activities that can be done there and who know their cities better than any agent coming from the tourist agency. The idea, put them in contact! This site will allow tourists from Barcelona to live a different experience by participating in activities with local and small businesses. offers activities to tourists from around the world who visit Barcelona. The activities are divided into several categories and proposed either by private or by prof. Activity prices are set in agreement with MAJORTOWNERS.

To book an activity, the travelers simply go to our website, choose the activity to which they wish to participate. Once the payment is made via paypal or credit card, the travelers receive an email confirmation containing a booking number and a phone number. The activity is valid one year from the payment. The traveler can then contact our staff to book and schedule the activity.

MAJORTOWNERS Private differentiates itself from its competitor by proposing activities, different experiences proposed by Mr and Mrs everybody. The MAJORTOWNERS is an enthusiast of his city, a particular activity where he simply wishes to round off his end of the month. The process is simple; create an account on and propose a project by describing it quickly and without forgetting to propose a pix. If the activity meets the registration criteria the MAJORTOWNERS is contacted and its activity offered to our customers. benefits from 15% of each activity.

For the launch of the site it was important to be able to propose to our customers already a certain panel of activities that is why some of our MAJORTOWNERS are MAJORTOWNERS prof. Private MAJORTOWNERS could not have brought us so many activities with different customizations. MAJORTOWNERS prof. already having a price for their services must decide if they want us to increase the price of their activities by + 15% or if we deduct the 15% of their prices. We propose to MAJORTOWNERS prof. to proceed with their registrations to save time.

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