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by Sarah Susuri

Quads PREMIUM with IpsoAventuras (1pers. – 2h)

1. The objective of this activity / driving course is to learn and know the vehicle we will drive and at the same time, we discover its benefits and enjoy the nature and its landscapes by respecting at all times all people we can meet during the tour. and our flora and fauna.

Our excursions are very complete and we will circulate through wide forest tracks, climbs, downhill slopes, rivers, etc.

It is necessary for the participant to know clearly that he is not participating in a competition, but that what we will achieve will be a sports tourism activity. This means that we will start the activity so that the participant knows and adapts to the driving of the quad. The instructor will tell you how to make the excursion and the pace that best suits your level, while giving some indications during the activity, in order to inform the participant and to correct at the same time the imprudence possible, voluntarily or involuntarily. Depending on the evolution of the participants, we will level up. These are quiet excursions where safety is the priority and all customers are satisfied.

ATV is a special vehicle whose main characteristic is that getting the most out of your driving does not require a speed that: EXCLUDES ALL PARTICIPANTS WHO SUIT A SPORTING OR COMPETITIVE INTERPRETIVE DRIVE.

* Minimum at each start of 2 Quads (Maximum 4 Quads 8 participants)
** If it’s only a quad, check availability.
*** 300 euros of deposit are blocked at the beginning of the activity and rewire at the end of the activity


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