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by Sarah Susuri

Walk – Monasterio de Montserrat with AllNature

Description 8km – 5h – 650 m deniv 

Walk the beautiful trails that lead from Monistrol to the monastery of Montserrat. Explore forests and paths surrounded by a magical landscape and visit the mythical monastery of Montserrat and its unique virgin, the Moreneta. This popular mountain, an old delta of the ice age, hides a multitude of cultural, sporting and scenic interests. Stories and legends, fauna and flora, a world of curiosities and nature. Perfect for a family outing or with children, as a couple or with friends. Meet people if you prefer to sign up alone!


Easy, perfect for families and children.


  • 9: 00h, we left by car from Barcelona.
  • 10: 00h, we start the tour from the Monistrol de Montserrat car park.
  • 12: 00h, we arrived at the monastery and visited it, ascending by beautiful paths with unbeatable views.
  • 1:00 pm, We go back to the car.


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